About ApiStoer

Life nowadays has become so busy, we rarely take time for ourselves. Most unfortunately, we neglect to take care of our body, mind, and soul to help us cope with busier schedules and the daily demands put on our bodies. The body is an amazing ''shell'' and can withstand lots of stresses and strains put upon it. The fact is, we are only given this one shell to last us a lifetime, doesn't it make sense that we take care of it?

A more natural way of living has been re-surfacing; one that seeks tranquillity and well being. We at ApiStoer also share this desire. From a hectic corporate life, came the desire to get back to the basics, get back to taking care of our bodies, and focusing on the things in life that should be most important to us. ApiStoer uses natural products derived from the bees, herbs and nature itself to bring you products that are good for your body, good for your well being.

Working with bees over the last two decades, we have become enthralled with the bountiful benefits of bees and the products that are derived from this amazing creature. Bees act as a biological filter, so you know that the products you use from them have minimal traces of environmental toxins. Bees die if they come in contact with toxins, ensuring that the poisons are not brought back to the hive. Not only do the products that bees produce offer culinary benefits, but they are also valued for their healing properties applied internally or externally to our body. Come and experience the many benefits that our products have to offer! We invite you to join us on our journey, back to the basics, back to being good to yourself and being natural.